Globo is adding three new feature films to its international catalog, to be premiered in the 2017 LA Screenings, which takes place in the United States. Featuring different themes and genres, Under Pressure, The Eternal Son and Magal and the Ants bring an entertaining, delightful and thought-provoking experience to the audience, as they follow the realities and thrilling situations of each character. With the new releases, Globo adds more content to the market in its diversified catalog catered to match the various demands of partners across the world.

Under Pressure portrays the stressful work routine of a public hospital, which can make anyone feels like they’re constantly living in a typical war scenario. Doctors must be used to dealing with difficult realities on a daily basis, in an environment that often falls short of all necessary conditions. The doctors on duty also bear the burden of making critical decisions. In this way, the plot unfolds as three patients in serious conditions require immediate assistance and, while doctors are trying to save their lives, they must deal with the social, moral and ethical pressure of the situation, not to mention the few resources available at the hospital. It’s a breathtaking narrative starring Marjorie Estiano , Júlio Andrade and Ícaro Silva.

A touching love story, The Eternal Son follows the steps of Roberto, a writer who believes the birth of his first child will mark a new beginning in his life. However, the birth of Fabricio, a child with Down Syndrome, entails much more than a simple change in the writer’s life. Roberto will realize what it really means to be a father, amid many conflicting emotions, achievements, challenges and discoveries. Directed by Paulo Machline, nominated for an Academy Awards in 2001 for best short film ,and starring Débora Falabella ,the film is based on the work of the writer Cristovão Tezza.