Astro is honoured to put Malaysia on the global map yet again with the recent award achievements at the 2017 New York Festival’s International Television & Film Awards. Astro gained recognition in the following categories at the award ceremony.

Rob Middleton, Vice President, Content Group, Astro said, “Worldwide recognition like this for the team’s hard work is wonderful, it lets them know just how great they really are. It vindicates what we tell them every day: that all that passion, all that extra effort, all the perfectionism is all worth it. Internally we’ve always known these guys are world class. Now, the rest of the world knows it too. But the team doesn’t work on their own, these awards wouldn’t be possible without the help of everyone else involved from our bosses to the channel managers. It’s something we can all share in and be proud of because Astro is great at what it does.”