London/ Cannes – Drive, the production-funding and distribution agency led by Lilla Hurst and Ben Barrett announces that it has secured a raft of international broadcast partners for the major new documentary film The Day the Dinosaurs Died.

The film is produced by Barcroft Productions for the BBC in association with NOVA/WGBH, France 5/ France Télévisions, ZDF, BBC Worldwide, NHK and ABC Australia. The Day the Dinosaurs Died is a major scientific documentary event which will uncover the story of one of the most dramatic days in our planet’s history – the day that killed the dinosaurs.

Barcroft Productions gained exclusive access to an expedition that has been drilling down into the impact crater in the Gulf of Mexico created by the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs 66 million years ago – recovering strange and often beautiful fragments of the earth from the moments after the impact.