Senior executive for Asia: Hidayah Ong, Head of MediaCorp’s News Segment

Channel description: Channel NewsAsia is an English language Asian TV News channel, established in March 1999 by Mediacorp. Positioned to “Understand Asia”, it reports on global developments with Asian perspectives. Channel NewsAsia brings viewers not only the latest news but also the stories behind the headlines. Based in Singapore, it has correspondents in major Asian cities and key Western ones, including New York, Washington D.C, London and Brussels. Channel NewsAsia (International), was launched in September 2000. It is now viewed in 28 territories across Asia with its satellite footprint stretching across the Middle East, South Asia, South-east Asia, Northeast Asia and Australia.

Scheduling policy: The Channel NewsAsia grid is anchored by key news bulletins throughout the day on weekdays. First Look Asia (7-9am SIN/HK time) is the channel’s morning programme, combing news, interviews and lifestyle elements, to kickstart the day. Asia Business First (9-9:30pm SIN/HK time) is the business bulletin that tracks the opening of the Asian markets, with a key focus on North Asia and South-east Asia. The channel’s slate of award-winning documentaries (e.g. The Maritime Silk Road, Inventing Southeast Asia), and news magazine programmes (e.g. Insight), as well as interview programmes (e.g. Conversation With, Power List Asia) are shown at the 8pm (SIN/HK) hour.

Recent and upcoming developments: In the light of regional interest in the rise of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Channel NewsAsia is devoting two half-hour belts in a week, dedicated to this sector. Disruptors (Tues 9:30pm SIN/HK time) At a time of rapid change, Asia’s economy is facing an onslaught of disruptors. The Strategy (Wed 9:30pm SIN/HK time) Asia’s business leaders are revolutionising industries with new business tactics, innovative breakthroughs and sharp acumen.

Upcoming shows: Bridging Giants Sat 9:30pm (SIN/HK time) A collection of fascinating stories of how Chinese traditions, customs and cultural practice made their way to 10 different South-east Asian nations. Inside the Storm: Back from the Brink Wed 8pm (SIN/HK time) This series focuses on the rise and fall of big businesses every day.


Parent brand: Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Sub or Sibling brands: TLC, Animal Planet, Turbo, Discovery Kids, Investigation Discovery, Discovery Science, Discovery HD World, DMAX, Eve, Eurosport, Eurosport News, Setanta Sports Asia, Food TV, Living Channel.

Ownership in Asia Pacific: Discovery Communications

Senior executive for Asia: Arthur Bastings, President & Managing Director, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific

Channel description: Discovery Channel: The highest quality pay-TV programming in the world and remains one of the most dynamic networks on television. Animal Planet: Immerses viewers in emotional, engaging and passionate content devoted to animals. Discovery Kids: Provides content that is fun and enriching for schoolage kids. Discovery Science: Dedicated to making science programming accessible, relevant and entertaining. Eve: Eve is a factual network that brings an unabashed female perspective of the world, showcasing a myriad of amazing stories from the lives of women today. DMAX: The definitive factual entertainment destination for young men who live life to the max.

Scheduling policy: Discovery Channel: Programming is customised according to local preferences across our various markets, to reach the key target audience (male viewers). Animal Planet: Targets both men and women and encourages family co-viewing. Discovery Kids: Offers two separate primetime blocks, in the morning and evening, to reflect the viewing patterns of children aged 5-8. Discovery Science: Themed nights explore breakthroughs in science, weather and the latest gadgets. Eve: The main target is women aged 18-45. DMAX: A mix of adrenaline-charged programmes for the young male audience.

Distribution in Asia: Discovery Channel: Reaches 220 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. Animal Planet: Reaches 179 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. Discovery Kids: Reaches 40 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. Discovery Science – Reaches 36 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. Eve: Reaches 3 million subscribers in Asia Pacific. DMAX: Reaches 3 million subscribers in Asia Pacific.

Key carriage agreements in Asia: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Eve and DMAX are carried by key pay-TV operators in Asia Pacific. Key tiers: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Eve and DMAX are available on the basic tier or relevant genre groups.

On-line, VOD, SVOD or mobile deals: Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids, Discovery Science, Eve and DMAX are available Online and VOD in select markets across Asia Pacific.

Upcoming shows: Discovery Channel: Idris Elba: Fighter, Running Wild with Bear Grylls 3, Gold Rush 7, Killing Fields, Blowing Up History and Rise of the Warrior Apes Animal Planet: Meet The Penguins, Wildest Islands of Indonesia, Wild India, Monsters Inside Me 7 and Outnumbered Discovery Kids: ACE: Animal Countdown Extraordinaire, Shaktimaan, Akbar & Birbal and Let’s Get Inventin’ Discovery Science – Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 7, How The Universe Works 5 and Street Science. Eve – My 600-Lb Life S5, Meet The Putmans, Rattled: The Paralyzed Mom and People Magazine Investigates DMAX – Garage Squad, Legendary Motorcar and What’s My Car Worth?


Parent brand: Twenty-First Century Fox Sub or Sibling Brands: Nat Geo WILD, Nat Geo People, National Geographic

Ownership in Asia: FOX Networks Group Asia (FNG)

Senior executive for Asia: Laura Glassman, Vice President Programming, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo People

Channel description: National Geographic inspires through its smart, innovative programming and never fails to enrich and impact viewers’ knowledge and understanding of the real world. Backed by the National Geographic Society’s innumerable scientific research projects and expeditions, the award-winning channel has unparalleled access to groundbreaking explorations into the known and unknown. Nat Geo Wild is dedicated to providing unique insights into the natural world, the environment, and the amazing creatures that inhabit it. Nat Geo People is a lifestyle channel featuring factual entertainment that embodies the global flair of exploring fascinating places and cultures. Scheduling policy: National Geographic features exclusive premieres every week with the most exciting highlighted programs from National Geographic. Nat Geo Wild features exclusive premieres and stunts every night of the week. Nat Geo People features premieres and stunts throughout the week.

Distribution in Asia Pacific: Programs are broadcast in English with local subtitles or dubbed in the local language in certain markets. National Geographic is available in Australia, New Zealand, Brunei, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Mongolia, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vanuatu, Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, India and Marshall Islands. Nat Geo Wild is available in Australia, Brunei, Macau, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Maldives, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji and Marshall Islands. Nat Geo People is available in Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Maldives, Myanmar, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Korea and Taiwan. Key carriage agreements in Asia: National Geographic is available on all major operators across Asia. Nat Geo Wild is available on all major platforms across Asia. National Geo People is available on all major operators across Asia. Key tiers: National Geographic is available on the factual package of the basic tier. Nat Geo Wild and Nat Geo People are available on the basic tier.

On-line, VOD, SVOD or mobile deals: National Geographic is available on SVOD services in select markets across Asia. Nat Geo People and Nat Geo Wild are available on SVOD services in select markets across Asia.

Recent and Upcoming Developments: Programming strategy is aligned with the National Geographic Society’s mission of exploration, adventure and premium science supported on and off air combining the National Geographic Partner’s unrivalled portfolio of media and consumer-oriented assets including National Geographic magazines, National Geographic studios, digital and social media platforms, books, maps, children’s media and ancillary activities including travel, global experiences and on ground events. Nat Geo Wild continues to uphold its mission to raise awareness and promote the conservation of endangered species through bluechip programming.

Upcoming shows: National Geographic: Origins: The Journey of Humankind, Genius, Parched, The Story Of God S2, Breakthrough S2, Hell on Earth: The Fall of Syria and the Rise of ISIS Nat Geo Wild: Big Cat Week, Game of Survival, Snakes in the City S3, Extreme Brute Force and Monster Week Nat Geo People: Chasing the Sun, World’s Best Beaches, Andy and Ben Eats Australia, Restoration Man and David Rocco’s Dolce Vita S6