The first scripted format, Your Home Is My Business!, is based on the successful drama series of the same name on Nippon TV.  The series follows a real-estate saleswoman who is known for closing the deal no matter who the client is. She pries into the private lives of her clients, uses a vast range of tactics, and always finds them just the right home achieving a 100% success rate. The second scripted format is Lost ID based on a Nippon TV drama series. This drama is about a brilliant system engineer whose identity disappears completely.  His name on the official family registry and certificate of residence has been changed, his bank accounts seized, and his employment terminated.  Left with nothing but loneliness, he refuses to give up no matter what the outcome.

Three non-scripted formats are next for Nippon TV. First is the docu-reality series Meet Me There.  Every couple has a special place that marks a turning point in their love story. But as months turn into years will two people still share the same memory? If you receive a handwritten letter from your loved one with the words “Meet Me There” where would you go? Ghostwriters To The Rescue stars celebrities who have made a name for themselves for being funny, romantic or dramatic. In this docu-entertainment format, these celebrities will come to your rescue to help with what to say or do during a special time. In your ‘spotlight moment,’ they will ghostwrite the most important script of your life.

Rounding out the non-scripted titles is Grab The Chance, a docu-entertainment format which grabs people off the street and gives them the chance to say “yes” or “no” to once in a lifetime opportunities. From bungee jumping in Macau, to swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, to skydiving in California, Grab The Chance offers the ultimate life-changing experience.