Johannesburg, Lagos, Paris – The winners of this year’s DStv Eutelsat Star Awards, the unique pan-African competition that encourages young minds to explore innovative thinking in science and space technology were announced in Nigeria. The sixth edition shows sustained interest from African learners’ aged 14 to 19, attracting over 1,000 entries from 20 countries. Levels of accuracy, creativity and originality were judged to be higher than ever before, both in the essay and poster categories.

Entrants to the essay category were inspired to envision the role played by satellite technology in Africa’s future. The winner in this category, Leoul Mesfin from Ethiopia, struck the judges for his analysis of continental and country specific needs and for closely developing the topic. Hehas won a trip to Paris and onwards to a launch site to witness a rocket blast into space to place a satellite into orbit. The runner-up in the essay category was Davids Bwana from Tanzania who wins a trip for two to visit MultiChoice facilities and the South African National Space Agency near Johannesburg.