There’s an old stock market adage that says you can predict a peak in the market by noticing when your average punter starts having a flutter on some shares. It comes to mind when you look at the global content industry. Never before have so many networks of all shapes and sizes – some of which have never before ventured into content production – placed their stakes on scripted success. Yet as audience fragment, getting a direct hit is harder than ever. The surge in supply has thrown up interesting shows but some equally intriguing business models, raising questions over just how sustainable the current content distribution business really is.

Ken: Asia-Pacific is a fascinating region with different sorts of activities from China to Korea to India. Every market is a little different and that’s why every country needs a different approach and we are doing just that. We work with a variety of partners – traditional to the new media clients. Everyone is trying out new models and that is something that we love to be part of. What remains true across all markets is that with so many services delivering programming, high-quality, premium content is more important than ever.Today, consumers have become accustomed to the fact that if they’ve subscribed to a service they expect it to be available on any screen, which is something that we have adapted. The exciting part here is that there are so many models out there and everyone is so entrepreneurial. We are looking at a wide range of models and creating deals that make sense for us.

What genre works best in Asia?