Singapore– After months of anticipation, Globe Studios and HOOQ confirm release of the first episode of its much awaited original series OTJ: The Missing 8 in the first quarter of 2017. Its official teaser also debuted at the recent Wonderful World with Globe media event as well as online. The teaser gives a preview of what to expect in the full-length series. In contrast to mainstream TV fare, the OTJ series will deliver a cinematic experience that is gritty and fast paced, staying true to its movie origins that captured the attention of international audiences at the Cannes Film Festival.


The Season 1 premiere follows the story of four people, SISOY, a corrupt local media man under the payroll of PEDRING, the treacherous father of the town’s ruling political clan; PAM, a passionate and honest big network investigative journalist from Manila and ROMAN, a principled hired gun regularly brought out of prison to kill. Their paths cross when eight journalists from Sisoy’s town are massacred by Roman’s group and buried without a trace a day before Christmas Eve. Pam jumps on the case just as Sisoy discovers his connection to Pedring won’t help him find out what happened to his friends. Despite the differences, they work together to untangle the web of lies, controversy and corruption in a media circus where the truth keeps eluding them.