Icon Films strikes distribution deal

Icon Films acquires distribution deal for Channel 5 documentary exploring Restless Legs Syndrome.

Can't Stop Twitching Channel 5 Icon Films Restless Legs

London – Icon Films announces an international distribution deal for a documentary exploring a condition labelled as ‘the most common disease you’ve never heard of’. TCB Media Rights has acquired the rights to distribute Icon Films’ one-off documentary Restless Legs: Can’t Stop Twitching which was originally commissioned by Channel 5. Restless Legs Syndrome is daily torture for the people who suffer from it. Restless Legs: Can’t Stop Twitching meets people whose condition has become so severe they want to have their legs chopped off.

legsThe 60’ documentary follows the nocturnal pensioner who contemplates suicide due to severe sleep deprivation caused by his tingling legs, the sufferer stuck indoors due to the embarrassment her wriggling legs cause her and the 41-year-old sufferer who blames his damaged memory on the condition. Executive Producer of Restless Legs: Can’t Stop Twitching is Stephen McQuillan for Icon Films.

“TCB Media Rights’ enthusiasm for the subject matter and the sales potential of Restless Legs: Can’t Stop Twitching was obvious from beginning. We’re sure they are the right partner to sell this fascinating documentary internationally” said Lucy Middelboe Commercial Director of Icon Films.

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