As Singapore celebrates its 50th birthday, the nation is at a turning point. There are new leaders, and new challenges, including few places to grow or expand. But this cultural melting pot has big plans to remain one of the most livable places on the planet. From September 14-21 join CNN International correspondent Paula Newton as she looks at the unexpected ways Singapore is reinventing itself for the future, without losing sight of the past.


Highlights of the special week of coverage include:



Go inside the next generation of public housing and see how the lives of ordinary Singaporeans are being transformed. In Queenstown, local architecture firm WOHA has created diamond-shaped towers laid out around communal ‘Sky Villages’. There’s naturally-ventilated gardens and communal pavilions meant to foster interaction between neighbors. There’s also a roof garden on the 47th floor with multi-million dollar views.



Singapore’s food culture is at a junction, caught between the recipes of generations past and an infusion of flavors from other cultures. Food guru KF Seetoh introduces CNN to 24-year-old Douglas Ng who has taken over the wok from his grandmother, turning her heritage fishball recipe into something sought-after by the younger generation. Plus meet Jeremy Nguee, the chef behind the catering company Preparazzi, on a mission to protect the past, by taking familiar favorites, and translating them into modern-day adaptations that will appeal even to discerning palates.