Kuala Terengganu − NJOI has reached its one million-customer milestone, in its fourth year of offering Malaysians free premium access to educational, informative and quality television and radio content.

“I am pleased that NJOI, which was introduced in December 2011, has reached this latest landmark, meaning that more Malaysians from all walks of life are gaining access to the basic right to good quality education, information and knowledge completely for free. We’re confident that NJOI will continue to go from strength to strength, helping provide the nation with a wealth of information that will be critical in producing multi-talented, highly skilled, creative and innovative Malaysians,” said Dato’ Jailani Johari, Deputy Minister of the Multimedia and Communications Ministry.

“Achieving the 1 million-mark is a significant milestone for NJOI. NJOI’s free premium service resonates with all Malaysians, providing free access to 26 TV and 20 radio stations, plus the choice of prepaid premium content. We are committed to building on its success by enabling all Malaysians access to the very best ‘multitainment’ ranging from education, news, sports and entertainment and by consistently enhancing our value added products and services,” said Astro CEO Dato’ Rohana Rozhan.

Astro CEO Dato’ Rohana Rozhan

NJOI offers the best of information, entertainment, sports and lifelong learning, in line with the country’s drive to be a knowledge-driven nation.

With a total customer base of 4.4 million subscribers and penetration of 63% of Malaysian households, of which 13% belongs to NJOI, Astro has witnessed an impressive growth surge in the four-year period since the inception of NJOI.

Introducing Astro Maya HD, Malaysia’s first free HD entertainment channel

NJOI customers on HD-enabled boxes will be able to experience Astro Maya HD, offering the best of local content in exceptionally clear and sharp pictures with vivid colours and up to five times more detail than standard definition.

Astro Maya HD will showcase the best of local programmes on Astro Prima and Astro Oasis channels in rich HD quality, including Kilauan Emas, Tua Pun Boleh, Pencetus Ummah, Primadona, and dramas like Jodoh Itu Milik Kita and Bila Hati Telah HItam.