Monte Carlo, Monaco −As part of his opening keynote speech at 55th Annual Monte Carlo TV Film Festival,  Christophe Riandee, Vice CEO of Gaumont, announced that Gaumont Television Europe, a division of Gaumont, the legendary European-based motion picture studio created in 1895, plans to produce a new 13 x one-hour, English language series entitled Crosshair. A European-based thriller that follows a former CIA assassin turned ‘for hire’ gunman Crosshair is written by the highly respected U.S. writer, show runner and director Ken Sanzel, whose credits include his recent feature Blunt Force Trauma and the long-running CBS series Numb3rs.

Crosshair is the third project to be unveiled under the Gaumont Television Europe banner, adding to the previously announced Spy City, the English language drama series focusing on the intense spy game in early 1960s Berlin with acclaimed novelist and UK-based screenwriter William Boyd attached, and 1001, the English language modern day thriller created by Real Humans’ Lars Lundstr m.

“We are starting to see a huge trend into drama production making Europe a new frontier for television and a project like Crosshair is the perfect fit. It’s a new idea and a new world for a procedural series,” commented Riandee.