Tokyo 1st June is the 80th anniversary of NHK’s international broadcasting service. The international service, which began with radio broadcasts in 1935, conveys the latest stories from Japan and Asia to the world via television, radio, and the Internet.

NHK broadcasted a variety of domestic and international programmes for this 80th anniversary. These programmes will provide a lucid presentation of the work of NHK WORLD to both Japanese and overseas audiences.

Radio Japan Focus – What Radio Japan Means to Me


*Broadcast schedule differs for each language section

Featuring heartwarming messages from overseas listeners, the programme reveals the attractions of the radio broadcasts that have been building bridges between Japan and the world for so many years.

Bridging the World – 80 years of Japan’s International Radio

NHK WORLD TV (English)   14 June

Linking up with the Radio Japan Focus, overseas listeners recount anecdotes, and RADIO JAPAN announcers from the various language services talk about the lifestyles and situations of people around the world. Looking back on the 80-year history of RADIO JAPAN, it also considers new possibilities for the future.

Connecting the Globe with NHK WORLD TV

NHK General TV (Japanese)   2–5 & 8 June

NHK WORLD TV is a 24-hour channel delivering news and programmes from today’s Japan and Asia to the whole world. Its wide-ranging programmes cover everything from industry to culture and tourism. Outstanding examples will be broadcast with Japanese subtitles and dubbing. Sumire from Doki Doki! WORLD TV and NHK WORLD TV’s NEWSLINE anchor Miki Yamamoto will introduce the attractions of NHK WORLD TV.