After successfully airing in 180 territories, Mongolia will now join the long list of Voice countries. The high profile vocal talent competition, will mark the first major international hit show to go into production by NTN, the channel wholly owned by the National Times News Media group. In addition to reaching an audience of 1.5 million in Ulaanbaatar and another 1.5 million in the rest of the country, the channel is planning an intensive social media campaign to reach its viewers.

“It was high time we brought world class content to Mongolia. We strongly believe that The Voice will satisfy the needs of the Mongolian viewers. Music has always been part of our nomadic lifestyle. As one of the longest existing nations, Mongolians have inherited rich and distinctive music tradition from their ancestors. Young Mongolians today closely follow the global trends in music, adding yet another dimension to our nation’s new identity,” said Bulgan Bayasgalant, CEO of The National Times News Media group.

“As The National Times News Media group is the strong newcomer emerging in the Mongolian broadcasting market, we’re extremely proud of their tremendous enthusiasm and confidence in The Voice. We will supply them with all our assistance to ensure the show is as big a hit in Mongolia as it is elsewhere,” added Talpa Global managing director Maarten Meijs.