Seoul, Korea – Asia’s leading content and media company CJ E&M has partnered with K-Tigers Taekwondo Entertainment to support the creation of Taekwondo-themed cultural content. At a ceremony held at K-Tiger’s headquarters in Goyang, northwest of Seoul, Lee Deok Jae, President of CJ E&M’s Media Content Division, and Ahn Hak Seon, leader of K-Tigers officially launched the partnership.

CJ E&M K-Tigers

CJ E&M will support K-Tigers to work with professionals who have extensive experience in broadcasting and performing arts, in order to produce trendy and innovative video content that shows amazing Taekwondo performances. Both parties also plan to organise Taekwondo shows globally.

Formed in 1990 by Taekwondo grandmaster Ahn Hak Seon, K-Tigers has showcased brilliant acrobatic and K-Pop infused Taekwondo performances throughout the world. Last April, CJ E&M and K-Tigers signed another partnership agreement, aimed at enhancing online viral expansion for Taekwondo. In line with the agreement, CJ E&M had launched a mobile application to promote Taekwondo K-Tigers in Me, and provided an online music library of over 3,000 songs at no cost.