Mumbai, India / New York, USA – In 1998, Zee TV incubated the South Asian TV market in North America. Over the next 17 years the brand has not only become synonymous with entertainment but also an ambassador of Indian culture, abroad. As per Nielsen U.S., a typical South Asian viewer spends an average of 2 hours 13 minutes per day watching Zee TV, making it one of the most loved channels in the U.S., including the mainstream ones.

After being the consistent #1 TV network – ZEE U.S. successfully ventured into the digital space in 2012 with Zee Dil Se, a video-based social media, that allows people to record a “Broadcast quality” personalised video message and push it on TV at a click! The Dil Se platform was later on used to solve the local auditions problem thus allowing thousands of NRIs to participate in reality shows like DID and SRGMP.

Later in the fall of 2013, ZEE U.S. launched a localised version of with a positioning of “Proudly Indian”. In a short span of one year the site delivers 7 million unique visitors per month, just from U.S. and Canada alone, thus making it one of the top sites for NRIs in North America. The site already has all the leading advertisers from TV with annual spend commitments. serves as a one-stop destination for news from India, Community News from US and Canada, Bollywood, Cricket, blogs, event ticketing and classifieds.