This year, CANAL+, a pay-TV channel in France, is celebrating its 30th birthday. For this occasion, WILDMOKA created a very innovative video generator on CANAL+ website, allowing users to instantly generate unique personalised videos, mashing-up the best archives from the TV channel with variations of an episode of “bref.”, a French TV series.

Massively relayed by consumer press and social networks, more than 1 million videos were generated in just 3 days, after reaching 200.000 in a couple of hours. This success was enabled by WILDMOKA’s Moments Share solution deployed with a massively scalable infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud and CDN solutions.

This highly successful event puts WILDMOKA in the spotlight. The company showed its capacity to create and deliver instantly unique video clips to dozens of thousands of users at the same time and to share these on social networks. This large-scale deployment of WILDMOKA’s Moments Share solution demonstrates, as announced at the IBC in September this year, that its technology enables revenue generating video services.