Hosted by the multi-talented Haylie Duff and born from her well-known namesake blog and cookbook, Real Girl’s Kitchen brings you into Haylie’s kitchen as she serves up recipes and stories from her daily life, premiering Monday, 5 January 2015.

From Bibimbap (mixed rice bowl) to Kimchi (fermented vegetables), Chef Myeong serves up her healthy and unique interpretations of signature Korean dishes with the help of popular chefs and personalities on Korean Cuisine with Chef Myeong, premiering Wednesday, 21 January 2015.

Join Donal on his roadtrip in Kitchen Hero, as he shows people just how easy it is to prepare scrumptious, home-cooked food as well as make plenty of sweet treats in a new show segment named Donal’s Bakery, premiering Thursday, 22 January 2015.