Hemel Hempstead, UK – Vislink, the global provider of broadcast communications technologies, provided extended live HD coverage of the second Formula E race which took place in Malaysia last Sunday, 23 November.

For the second time, viewers saw the unique and immersive footage provided by on-board cameras fitted into the nose cone and rear rain light of each car. These mounting locations are exclusive to the Formula E series and provide broadcasters with two previously unseen camera angles. These two locations will also let broadcasters deliver an existing and consistent picture quality to viewers, especially if the second race takes place in monsoon conditions which will make capturing clear images particularly challenging.

This latest development is the result of Vislink working closely with the FIA to ensure these new camera mount positions were crash tested and approved before the Formula E series began. As part of Vislink’s involvement in Formula E, 40 race cars have been pre-loomed to accept wireless cameras and transmitters. Formula E has the flexibility to make 20 cars ‘live’ at any given time.

“The Formula E Championship is an exciting step forward for motor racing and we’re thrilled and privileged to be a part of it,” said Raj Kotecha, On-board Project Director at Vislink. “The series is already on the cutting edge of motorsport. Now we’re pushing what’s possible from a broadcast perspective, delivering two new camera angles that are not currently available in any other live racing series.”