Brazil Avenue

The saga of young Nina has been winning over a growing audience in francophone African countries. TV stations in Mali, Madagascar and Burkina Faso have begun showing Brazil Avenue, the worldwide ratings success licensed in 130 countries – a record for Globo telenovelas. With this expansion, the Brazilian network has been increasing its presence on the continent. Globo’s content is already widely distributed in Portuguese-speaking African countries, and in recent years their well-crafted plots and state-of-the-art production has been attracting a growing audience in French- and English-speaking countries.

In Mali, Brazil Avenue is aired by the ORTM network. And in Madagascar, the telenovela by João Emanuel Carneiro is shown on TVM. Both are free-to-air channels that offer mixed programming. In Burkina Faso, Brazil Avenue is shown on RTB. The channel is already a Globo partner and has aired hits such as Seize the Day in the past. In all three countries, the telenovela is broadcast in French.