Global Agency’s MIPCOM highlights include the style format My Style Rocks, a studio based fashion game-show that has tripled the ratings in its time slot on Show TV in Turkey. 13 contestants compete over 10 weeks in this daily strip with weekly prime time eliminations. The ladies are given one theme every week to shop for and a budget that they can use as they wish. With guest celebrities, a daily style parade and big competition, only one woman will be chosen as the most stylish in the country and she will win the big cash prize.

Share or Dare is a game show where two players who have never met before must compete together to win the grand prize. The play begins with 16 circles on a board, numbered from 1 to 16, each of which contains prize money. Timing is everything in the game-play, and while they are rewarded for loyalty up to a point, getting rid of their partner at the right moment can also win them big money.

Izzet Pinto, CEO of Global Agency, said, “We have an incredibly strong line-up of new formats for the market this year. Our fantastically diverse slate has something for broadcasters all over the world and we’re thrilled to be launching these titles at MIPCOM. We are introducing 15 formats, which is triple the number of new formats that Global Agency usually brings. Thanks to our selective approach and experienced team, we are now having our most successful year ever and now, our brand image is an industry leader. Our new formats are full of audience appeal and cover a range of key genres, from talent to dating, game shows and reality. Stand By Me, TUG, Love Is Calling, My Style Rocks and Share or Dare are the highlights for this market. We are also very confident about the success of Keep It or Lose It, a game show where you choose the prizes, but then you have to hold onto them! In this show, every episode features a different group of 3 or 4 people, such as family, friends or colleagues competing to keep their prizes. Battleship is another catchy reality entertainment format for our customers. In Battleship, 7 men vs. 7 women live together on a luxury yacht for 100 days facing different challenges which test their skill, intelligence and psychological characteristics. The Exchange Project, Catch 21, Flirt or Fiasco, Stars On The Street, Divorce Honeymoon, Deal With The Crisis, Style Wars and Pictureka are the other formats which we will launch at MIPCOM. With our strong line-up of fantastic original programmes and audience favourites from all over the world, Global Agency’s slate will be a big hit with broadcasters and viewers alike this MIPCOM.”