Cologne – The Cologne-based documentary label Autentic Distribution will be exhibiting at MIPCOM in Cannes from the 13 to 16 of October with a few selected highlights from its extensive portfolio. The thematic focus are the anniversaries of some momentous events in history, which include the liberation of Nazi concentration camps 70 years ago and the end of the Vietnam War 40 years ago.

Spring of 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. The stirring and moving docu-drama, My Daughter Anne Frank, tells the story of Anne Frank as never seen before. Atmospheric sequences have been augmented with documentary and archive material as well as new and unexpected interviews. Passages from the world-famous diary serve as the framework within which the audience is afforded deep insights into the hopes and fears of the young resistance fighter, her plans for the future and the dramatic end.

A further historical event is addressed in the report Vietnam – The World Won’t Forget. On the 40th anniversary of the end of the war in Vietnam, the documentary tells the story of an exceptionally brutal conflict from the perspective of those who experienced and suffered through it personally. Entries from the diary of a young North Vietnamese doctor, who was murdered in 1970, are interspersed with interview accounts from contemporary eye witnesses. The documentary attempts to portray their view on how the war played out and understand their motives, actions, emotions and suffering. “Our historical formats offer ideal programming material for the upcoming anniversaries in 2015,” said Anne Hufnagel, General Manager of Autentic Distribution.