Endemol unveiled its line-up of new formats originating from around the globe which will make their debut at MIPCOM 2014.

The Singer Takes It All

Endemol UK’s record breaking multiplatform series The Singer Takes It All will be available to international buyers for the first time in Cannes. The groundbreaking singing game show sees viewers become both judge and jury on a real-time interactive app. The first series on Channel 4 had over 21 million votes cast via the app and broke records with 15% of the live viewing audience voting along with the show.

Also from Endemol UK is Two Tribes, a fast paced quiz for the BBC, where contestants are split into tribes depending on what they have in common; and Stars at Your Service- the interactive Channel 4 series that gives the public the chance to book celebrities online and request funny, sublime or just plain ridiculous tasks.

From Endemol Germany is Hard to Believe, where celebrities must get to the bottom of astonishing true stories from everyday contestants. The show was a breakout hit for NDR pulling in 60% above the channel average.