Hong Kong – FOX International Channels (FIC) Asia announced on August 7 that it has entered into an agreement with New Classics Media (NCM), a China-based film and television company, which grants FIC the exclusive broadcast and distribution rights in all markets outside of mainland China for NCM’s new modern-family comedy/drama series, Tiger Mom. The series will launch on STAR Chinese Channel (SCC), FIC’s Chinese entertainment channel, in various territories around the world at the same time as in mainland China. This is FIC Asia’s first collaboration on a television series produced in mainland China, as well as the most comprehensive partnership with a China-based media corporation FIC Asia has embarked on to date. 

This is a milestone for FIC in its roadmap to taking Chinese content global. Whilst both production quality and demand for the content around the world are high, cases of made-in-China television series successfully crossing over to territories outside of the domestic market have been rare. As an international media company with deep roots and extensive operations and experience in Asia, FIC is in the ideal position to push forward this wave of Chinese content around the world. Through this partnership, Tiger Mom will gain access to markets worldwide through FIC’s global presence as well as the opportunity to leverage the network’s extensive international broadcasting, packaging and marketing experience, allowing it to reach more audiences in markets including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Australasia, Europe, North and South America, Middle East and Africa.

Cora Yim, Senior Vice President of the Chinese Channels Group at FOX International Channels Asia, said, “Not only has the quantity of drama series made in mainland China increased significantly over the last several years, but so has the quality, yet very few have successfully been exported to overseas markets, except for maybe a few period dramas. It is our goal at FIC to bridge the gap between great Chinese content and the clear demand for it around the world. We have been steadily investing in Asian and Chinese channels and content for over 2 decades, so we are in a great position to lead the charge in catering to this demand.”

WANG Qiao, International New Media Director of New Classics Media, added, “This collaboration with FOX International Channels will enable us to have a more comprehensive access to the international mass media. Through larger distribution networks, as well as more professional programme packaging and broadcasting methods, this will allow more audiences overseas to enjoy authentic Chinese TV programmes, with values that shape mainstream Chinese culture. ”