Istanbul, Turkey  AirTies Wireless Networks, a supplier of advanced wireless and OTT/IPTV technologies, will be showcasing a portable wireless set-top box, small enough to fit into your handbagMeasuring just 10 x 10cm, the miniature STB attaches wirelessly to the IP gateway and can easily be moved from room to room. It features RF remote control and home automation capabilities to enable remote programming and is portable enough to take on holiday or to a neighbour’s house to watch football. 

The combination of WiFi connectivity and the device’s miniature form-factor makes it a “Set-top box To Go”, allowing consumers to take their HD viewing experience with them to the next room or the next country. The STB wirelessly connects to the home gateway and works on any unmanaged internet connection, effectively unbundling the provision of the Pay-TV service from the broadband service offering and opening up new revenue-stream opportunities.