Tokyo, Japan – WOWOW, Japanese premium pay TV broadcaster, announced on July 1 strategic changes relating to executive leadership roles within the company and divisional realignment designed to grow its business.

Under the new structure implemented by President Nobuya Wazaki, WOWOW’s production division will be run by Tetsuya Nasuno who, effective immediately, will oversee the various production sub-departments categorised into television, movies, sports, drama and music – and the various functions within each category (i.e. acquisitions, development, production, etc.).

The programming division, which includes WOWOW’s Los Angeles office, will now be overseen by veteran producer Eiji Omura. Kayo Washio heads the company’s L.A. office. To further enhance the programming of WOWOW Member’s on Demand, considered as the 4th Channel of WOWOW, a new Digital Content Development Department has been created and will operate within the company’s Programming Division.

Meanwhile, Akira Fujimori will now oversee WOWOW’s Corporate Strategy division; Hitoshi Yamamoto will continue to lead the Marketing Division; Masanori Gunji will continue to head the Sales Division; Masato Konishi continues to lead the Business & Entertainment Development Division; and Yoshiro Minezaki will run the Engineering Division.

Newly appointed Board members include Nobuyuki Otaka (Former GM of the Corporate Strategy Division) and Tsutomu Makino (Former GM of the Programming Division). They join current Board of Directors members Ichiro Yamazaki and Nobutsune Sakata.