This August, the Asian Food Network, Food Network and Travel Channel will be launching a series of exciting premieres on each of their channels.

The Asian Food Channel will be premiering four shows this August. In Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Trains, Jonathan will travel aboard some of the world’s most elegant trains to visit the most tantalising culinary destinations that include Venice, Istanbul and Bangkok. In Aarti Party, Aarti demonstrates her unique interpretation of all-American favourites with exotic Indian twists. Razif Hashim, host of Best in the World will guide the viewer through Asia’s bona fide food haven, Malaysia from traditional dessert carts to classic noodle stalls. Makan Angin features host Faiz who goes in search of Malaysia’s hidden food delights and uncovers the hidden food gems as well as attempt quirky things like shadow puppetry.

The Food Network will be launching two new series and five returning series as well as specials and events this August. Some highlights from the Food Network include Buy This Restaurant, which follows Keith Simpson, a top level eatery broker through an intimidating real estate market and Mystery Diners, which features an experienced team of undercover operatives setting up hidden cameras and secret surveillance stings to expose what really happens in the restaurant when the boss is not around.

This August, the Travel Channel will be premiering two programmes. Game On, America features former trickster Sal Piacente, who reveals his secrets to let the player win at any game no matter how the odds are stacked against him. Viewers can follow Wayne in Air Boss as he does gravity-defying stunts, daredevil performances, smoke and flame explosions.

Asian Food Channel

Jonathan Phang’s Gourmet Trains

Exclusive Asian Premiere: August 19 at 9pm

JKT/TH 8pm

Join Jonathan Phang as he travels aboard some of the world’s most elegant trains to visit the most tantalising culinary destinations that include Venice, Istanbul and Bangkok! Immerse yourself in the romance of train travel, re-live old world glamour and savour the world’s finest dining experiences!

Aarti Party

Exclusive Premiere: Monday to Friday, August 13 at 7.30pm

JKT/TH 6.30pm

You’re invited to Aarti Sequiera’s party! Let Aarti entertain you with her unique interpretation of all-American favourites with exotic Indian twists! Whether it’s cooking the perfect roasted chicken or taking classic bread pudding to new heights, great food and endless fun are guaranteed!

Best in the World (Season 2)

Exclusive Premiere: August 13 at 9pm

JKT/TH 8pm

Follow Razif Hashim as he guides you through Asia’s bona fide food haven, Malaysia! From traditional dessert carts to noodle stalls, Razif not only soaks up the aromatic street flavours, but also interacts with creators of Malaysia’s most-beloved street dishes. Nothing but the best food will satisfy this ever-hungry host!

Makan Angin (Season 4)

Exclusive Premiere: 25 August at 8pm

JKT/TH 7pm

Explore the road less travelled in search of Malaysia’s hidden food delights! Armed with a can-do attitude and a great deal of enthusiasm, host Faiz not only goes all out in uncovering Malaysia’s best dishes, but also attempts all sorts of quirky things – from riding elephants to studying shadow puppetry!

Food Network


Buy This Restaurant

Tuesdays at 9pm, beginning August 5

Countless people dream of leaving their day jobs behind to follow their passion and open their own food business. But to make that dream a reality, they need the perfect space to launch it. Enter Keith Simpson, a top-level eatery broker with the experience to guide even the greenest of prospective buyers through an intimidating real estate market. In each episode, Keith locates three different listings, walks the first-timers through the businesses and offers advice from space to menu to costs, all in his efforts to help his clients realize their vision. Keith is more than a real estate broker… he’s a dream broker.

Mystery Diners

Tuesdays at 9.30pm, beginning August 5

A restaurant can have great food, atmosphere and customers, but reckless employees can quickly ruin it all. When food service owners suspect their staff of bad behaviour – whether it be stealing, lying, providing bad customer service, or simply performing their jobs poorly – they call in the Mystery Diners. This experienced team of undercover operatives set up hidden cameras and secret surveillance stings at restaurants and eateries, exposing what really happens when the boss is not around.


Rachael vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off (Season 3)

Thursdays at 8pm, beginning August 21

Food Network icons Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri return to coach and mentor eight new celebrities/amateur chefs for the third season of the hit series. Among the competitors for this go-round are TV mom Florence Henderson, magician Penn Jillette, funny man Chris Kattan, and rapper Vanilla Ice. The stakes are high as the contestants are eliminated one-by-one until the final showdown when the victor is named top celebrity chef, winning the big cash prize for their favourite charity and bragging rights for their chef mentor!

Chopped (Season 13)

Wednesdays at 8pm, beginning August 6

It’s all about skill, speed and ingenuity when four chefs compete to transform everyday ingredients into extraordinary three-course meals. The challenge? For each course, the chefs are given a basket of mystery ingredients and only seconds to plan. Once the clock starts, they have just 30 minutes to prepare delicious and unique dishes using only the contents of the basket. When their time is up, the chefs must survive the Chopping Block as they present their culinary creations to a panel of three expert judges, eager to be impressed yet unafraid to voice their criticisms. Course by course, the chefs are CHOPPED from the competition until only the winner remains. Host Ted Allen leads this high-energy, high-pressure kitchen showdown. Who will make the cut? Find out on CHOPPED!

Extra Virgin (Season 4)

Wednesdays at 5.30pm, beginning August 6

Actress Debi Mazar and her Italian husband, Gabriele Corcos, invite you into their home

as they share their tremendous passion for Tuscan food and for each other. She’s a modern girl from the streets of Queens; he’s a food purist from the hills of Tuscany. The two food lovers share ideas, haggle and finally compromise to create the perfect Tuscan-American blend, all the while providing important lessons that you just won’t find in your average cookbook.

Giada at Home (Season 4, part 2 of 2)

Saturdays at 8am, beginning August 3

Giada De Laurentiis shares her love for entertaining California-style as she puts together unique and satisfying meals for gatherings with friends and family. Whether it’s a festive bash or an intimate meal, in her kitchen or at the beach, every occasion is filled with memorable food and good times when Giada plans the menu.

Sandwich King (Season 5)

Mondays at 4.30pm, beginning August 4

Food Network Star Season 7 champion Jeff Mauro shares his insatiable passion for all things sandwiches in his first series. For Jeff, sandwiches are much more than a quick snack thrown together between two slices of bread. In fact, he sums it up best when he says, “You can make any meal into a sandwich – and any sandwich into a meal.” Become a believer and catch Jeff Mauro, the Sandwich King!


It’s All About the Food: Los Angeles

August 14, at 8pm

Josh Stone, a food fanatic and owner of one of LA’s hippest hangouts, leads an insider’s tour through the City of Angels to discover some of its most delicious food found in the most unexpected places. From bowling alley burritos to lobster at the laundromat, Josh proves you just have to know where to look for Tinsel Town’s most eccentric yet satisfying eateries.