Beijing – After only eight weeks since its premiere, Metan Development Group’s hit web series Modern Life has surpassed 40 million views on top online platforms Tudou, iQiyi and Tencent combined. With 12 episodes debuting over a six-week period, the series ranked as the third most ever viewed webisode on Tudou, receiving the most viewer comments.

Modern Life chronicles the story of four upwardly mobile young people living as roommates and neighbours, none of whom have nine-to-five jobs. Their belief is that since everything can be done at home, what’s the point of going out to work?

Modern Life

Lead character Jerry is an entrepreneur who opened his own restaurant, but failed just two months after opening. He is forced to live in his restaurant and invites his best friends video DJ Sean and IT genius Andy to move in to help share in the costs.  Vivian is their next door neighbour who runs her own art gallery.