Petaling Jaya – TV3’s documentary Majalah 3: Penyelamat Khazanah Sabah, produced by Primeworks Studios, was honoured with the Best Video Documentary award at the 2014 Malaysian Journalists Night. The ceremony was held on the evening of April 18 at One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya. The Best Video Documentary award recipients, producer, Irin Putri Azmi, and cinematographer, Jebat M. Roseli, won a total of RM 15,000.

Since its first broadcast in 1985 on TV3, Majalah 3 continues to be one of the highest-rated magazine-documentary series in Malaysia. The programme delves deep to showcase unique new stories to its viewers, whether it is a take on a popular current affairs issue or lesser-known local and international issues.

In Penyelamat Khazanah Sabah, Irin Putri Azmi explores deep within the heart of Sabah with the state’s Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) to witness the relocation efforts of wildlife that have lost their natural habitat to urbanisation. The documentary was lauded by the jury for its information-packed delivery and captivating visuals, viewed as vital components in effective content presentation.

Primeworks’ documentaries occupy all Top 3 nomination spots for Best Video Documentary; The Breakfast Show: Hope Amidst the Rubble (ntv7) provides a first-hand look into the struggles and sufferings faced in war-stricken Gaza, while women’s programme Nona: Kasihku di Bumi Gaza (TV3) showcases the strength of Palestinian women in dealing with the devastating effects of war.