Seoul, Korea – CJ E&M has launched the new reality show Share House on its specialised food lifestyle channel O’live. Over 12 episodes, nine celebrity singles from different backgrounds will get to know each other, forge bonds, and grow to become like family as they live and eat together in a chic, stylish shared house in the suburbs of Seoul.

With singles accounting for a quarter of total households in Korea in 2012 according to the Korean Statistical Information Service, TV shows portraying the challenges of single life, such as the loneliness and discomfort of dining out alone, have become rapidly popular in the country. For example, in a show largely attributed as starting the trend, CJ E&M’s drama Let’s Eat, produced and aired on tvN, won the hearts of single viewers across the nation with its depictions of apartment-dwelling singles connecting with neighbours over food. Food lifestyle channel O’live also recently introduced the popular show Grocery Guidebook which offers singles practical tips on how to select grocery items at the market as well as cook retort pouch food.

Share House