Washington, DC – National Geographic Channel announced on March 27 the commission of the two-hour special Jesus Mysteries from UK production house Juniper Communications. Offering a fresh look at the enduring mysteries that surround Jesus’ life from nativity to crucifixion, The Jesus Mysteries will star Nick Simmons, son of KISS lead singer and bass guitarist Gene Simmons, in the title role. The special will premiere internationally and in the U.S. in early 2014.

The special’s dramatic reconstructions will be produced in a highly stylised way, bringing to life pivotal moments in Jesus’ life with live action shots that have an ethereal quality to them. Examining the pervading questions – from what Jesus did during the years unaccounted for in the Bible to the symbols of death shrouding the nativity scene – The Jesus Mysteries offers an in-depth portrait of a man whose life has been revered and reinterpreted for over two millennia. Shedding light on crucial elements of Jesus’ history that have been lost over the generations, the special illuminates fascinating insight into his personal narrative and revolutionising ministry.

“The life of Jesus has been more examined than any other, and yet there are still intriguing mysteries and unexplained gaps. The Jesus Mysteries is an exceptional mix of strong storyline, fresh perspective and a novel, artistic take on reconstructions that presents Jesus’ life in a new and compelling way,” said Hamish Mykura, Executive Vice President and Head of International Content for National Geographic Channels International.

“I’m very interested in theology and mythology. My father was a theology major in college, and we’ve often riffed back and forth about it. It’s fascinating when you start digging,” added Simmons. “Jesus just may be the most well-known figure of all time; you couldn’t ask for a more compelling story.”