Hangzhou, ChinaMagic Wonderland, based off a popular TV series, is Zoland Animation’s latest original animation movie set to be released this year. Targeted towards children ages 5-12, the animation has already won a number of prestigious awards such as The Accolade for “Best of Show in Animation”, “Best Animation Performance” at the CCG Animation Game Awards as well as “Best Animation Play Awards” by the Ministry of Culture from the Republic of China.

The Chinese animation industry has evolved over recent years from an outsourcing destination for animation to one that is renowned for the uniqueness and creativity of the nation’s own original animation. With sales exceeding US$5 billion in 2012, over 4,000 hours of animation content produced a year and Chinese animation penetration in over 70 markets, China looks to be one of the fastest growing countries for animation, production, licensing and merchandising in the world.