Singapore / Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam – Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks Asia’s latest Asian entertainment channel, GEM, has launched in Vietnam with stellar drama productions and variety shows from South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, broadcast on an exclusive and first-run basis with Vietnamese voice-overs or subtitling. The channel is now available on HTVC Cable TV System of Television Media Service Company, a leading pay-TV operator in Vietnam.

Spanning period, contemporary, action, comedy, family and romance genres, GEM’s broad range of drama series showcase many that are already proven ratings hits in the territories of origin, such as China and Hong Kong’s å…°é™µçŽ‹ (Prince of Lan Ling)失恋33天 (Love is Not Blind), æ¥šæ±‰äº‰é›„ (Battle Of The Conquerers), å«å…¥è±ªé—¨ (Marry Into the Purple), and ä»Šå¤œå¤©ä½¿é™ä¸´ (Angel Is Coming); South Korea’s Nail Shop Paris, Potato Star and Basketball; as well as Taiwan’s å¤§çº¢å¸½ä¸Žå°é‡Žç‹¼ (Big Red Riding Hood) and åŽŸæ¥æ˜¯ç¾Žç”· (Fabulous Boys).

GEM’s drama offerings are complemented by fun-filled variety programs that spotlight the latest entertainment buzz around popular celebrities and talent in the region, including South Korean series Star King and Barefoot Friends at launch.