Nominated for the International Emmy Awards 2013 for Best Telenovela, Brazil Avenue reaches two channels in Mongolia, an expanding market, and promises to fascinate the public of the country. The programme, one of Globo’s highlight during ATF (Asia TV Forum), is scheduled to debut in December on the broadcast channel Edutainment TV and on MovieBOX, on cable TV, both part of the group Mongol Mass Media LLC. 

Brazil Avenue has also been licensed to territories in Africa and the Middle East, as well as South Korea. The programme has equally sparked the interest of programmers in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

In 2010, the public watched Pages of Life, another of Globo’s superproductions, which attained good audience indices.

The saga of young Nina (Débora Falabella, ‘Little Missy’), who struggles to recover the life that her terrible stepmother Carminha (Adriana Esteves, ‘Belíssima’) stole when she was still a child, has had its exhibition rights acquired by 124 countries in the last 10 months and has had versions made in 17 languages such as Spanish, English, Greek, Polish, and French. Brazil Avenue has already shown its potential for success in Brazil. The telenovela attained an overall audience average of 42 points and 69% participation (source: Ibope). It finale had the largest audience of Brazilian TV in 2012, obtaining 56 rating points with 84% participation and with more than 50 million television viewers (source: Ibope).