Nippon Television Network Corporation (NTV) and Israel-based Dori Media Group (DMG), an international media company, have announced their joint project to develop and distribute the international format of one of the most popular segments from NTV’s long-running prime-time hit programme. The format is titled AHA! Experience. It originated from NTV’s show THE MOST USEFUL CLASSES IN THE WORLD, which has been on the air for over nine years. 

The agreement between NTV and DMG, for the redevelopment of the format for the international market in collaboration with the Israeli Studio Glam, gives the partners joint ownership of the international format, and DMG will have exclusive global distribution rights for this popular Japanese format.

AHA! Experience is a test for the brain that focuses not on what you know, but what you see. Contestants think they know what is right in front of their eyes, but this is put to the test by pitting contestants’ powers of perception against each other. Contestants will watch movie clips, moving images, puzzles and pictures, all of which change as they are being seen. Different contestants from diverse occupations, ages and social backgrounds will try to train their brain.

Nadav Palti, President and CEO of Dori Media Group, commented: “We are delighted to be a part of the redevelopment of the new product as well as to have secured global distribution rights to one of the most successful quiz shows in Japan. AHA! Experience has stood the test of time in one of the world’s largest and most competitive TV markets and we have no doubt that its success can be replicated. It has already been seen that Japanese shows can be successful international formats, and a quiz format such as this is a perfect vehicle for adaptation because its visuals are universal. We are honoured that NTV has chosen DMG to be their partners in developing this format for the international market.”

Dori Media Group is an international group of media companies, located in Israel, Switzerland, Argentina and the U.S. The group produces and distributes TV and New Media content, broadcasts various TV channels and operates video-content internet sites.