According to the Macau Daily Times, The Bureau of Telecommunications Regulation (DSRT) confirmed that most of the public antenna companies have agreed to the authorities’ proposed solution to settle the long-running TV signal dispute between public antenna companies and Cable TV. DSRT said they had received a letter of intent jointly signed by “most of” the antenna companies, who agreed to use their networks to relay the TV signals provided by Cable TV. 

DSRT says the public antenna companies also proposed detailed arrangements for the deal, which aims to ensure the public can continue to watch TV, even after the public antenna companies follow the court’s ruling and stop their illegal relaying of TV signals. These signals will subsequently be replaced by signals legally provided by Cable TV, according to the Macau Daily Times. 

Further issues, including the number of channels available to the public, have yet to be tackled. DSRT said they would analyse the proposals made by the public antenna companies and facilitate a final agreement between the companies and Cable TV as soon as possible.