KBS World began operations in a small office in the summer of 2003, ignited by an effort to reach out to fans of Korean TV content. Mainly, a few popular KBS TV programmes were sold or broadcast for Koreans who lived in the U.S. to keep them up-to-date with news and new trends in Korea.

The subsequent flourishing of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) propelled the desire for Korean TV programmes, leading to the rapid expansion of KBS World. By the late 1990s, South Korean entertainment and culture grew to be popular among an international audience as well. KBS World quickly responded by producing English-based content and multi-language subtitles for all the programmes on the channel.

“We took just a small step in 2003. Since then, however, KBS World has been in the spotlight for many Korean drama and entertainment fans across the globe. Positioned as one of the leading international channels in Asia, we firmly believe that KBS World is and will continue to be the primary source of high quality Korean TV content. As we prepare for another big leap, we will engage even more with our viewers and pay close attention to their feedback, bringing the channel to many more viewers,” said Kang-sun Oh, Executive Director, Content Business, KBS.

Kang-sun Oh, Executive Director, Content Business, KBS. 


Now marking the 10th anniversary of its establishment, KBS World still ensures that it communicates to international viewers. As a part of celebrations, viewers can participate by recording themselves singing along to the new KBS World theme song sung by 2PM, and sending in the video, for a chance to win air tickets to Korea.

KBS World Theme Song with 2PM