Paris – The MIPCube TV Hack will bring developers and designers together with content industry leaders to create the next generation of engaging video apps. The TV Hack aims to break the mould in the video content space at MIPTV to be held in Cannes, France, from April 8-11. The event is designed to inspire developers to create a prototype — or “hack” — of something that enhances the video content experience for users and provides new business ideas to the TV industry. This could involve anything from social TV, to programming or user interaction.

The hack begins on April 8, in the Palais des Festivals and demos will be presented on Tuesday evening in the MIPCube Square. For 36 hours, the hackers will work on application programming interfaces (APIs) and then present their demo during the MIPTV and MIPCube conference programme, showcasing fresh ideas to fulfil the promise of an innovation-focused event. Winners will get to present their work in front of the MIPTV audience on April 10.