Astro customers can now access and download their favourite VOD programmes anytime on their B.yond PVR with the newly launched Astro Wi-Fi Dongle, which adds Wi-Fi internet access to the Astro B.yond PVR. The Astro Wi-Fi Dongle allows access to the range of movie titles available in the Astro B.yond VOD library, including Astro First and Astro Best movies. The Wi-Fi dongle can be purchased from Astro’s Customer Service at RM110, or a special price of RM50 for Super Pack customers with B.yond PVR.

As an introductory offer, Astro is offering a free trial of the Astro B.yond VOD Catch-Up Service for all connected B.yond PVRs until January 31. For example, if you are a Movie Pack subscriber, you will be able to watch movies offered on that channel via the Catch Up service.