New York – Al Jazeera Media Network announced that it will start a new U.S.-based news channel that will provide both domestic news and international news for American audiences. The network has also acquired Current TV, a cable channel founded by Al Gore. The new U.S.-based news channel will be available on Current’s distribution network when it is launched in 2013. According to the The New York Times, the new channel will be tentatively titled “Al Jazeera America” where about 60%  of the programming will be produced in the U.S., while the remaining 40% will come from Al Jazeera English.

Al Jazeera will open additional bureaus in key locations across the United States while they continue to use existing news bureaus in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Miami and Chicago. Part of the reason Al Jazeera decided to create a U.S. news channel was because of the great demand Americans have shown for its news and programmes; seeing that almost 40% of all online viewing of Al Jazeera English hails from the U.S.