Cannes – NHK Enterprises, Inc. (NEP) has announced that they closed a deal with True Visions Public Company Limited of Thailand, COJ of South Korea and Radio Television Brunei (RTB) of Brunei to broadcast NHK’s 50‐episode historical drama series Kiyomori.

An epic drama Kiyomori portrays the life story about a legendary samurai warrior who fought to become the ruler of Japan, and laid the basis for Japan’s international trade system which brought prosperity to the country in the 12th century.

Kiyomori follows NHK’s smash hit Sunday‐evening primetime period‐dramas, symbolised by Princess Atsu and Princess Go, known for their gripping plot, great storytelling, and impressive cast.

NEP’s Executive Controller‐General, Fumio Narashima said: “It is delightful to know that the Asian countries continue to give us high credits in our period drama. I am certain that the audiences will be satisfied with the fascinating story of Kiyomori.”