New York– BabyTV has launched the Musical NightLight app on Apple’s App Store, a new mobile app designed for parents to help comfort and calm their babies and toddlers at bedtime.

The “Musical NightLight” app plays soothing music ranging from classical, relaxing, and spiritual to a mix of all three. The app also has soothing video and images featuring loveable characters from BabyTV for a predetermined time set by the user. Other features include sound detection technology that reactivates the music if the baby has not fallen asleep or wakes up when the music ends.

The app will become available on Google Play after the exclusivity period with Apple. The standard version of the “Musical NightLight” app can be downloaded free of charge. The enhanced version, which includes the ability to control the time for up to one hour, access to 150 minutes of music, 50 tracks and unlimited access to the sound detection function, is available for US$2.99.