Singapore NBCUniversal, with a bouquet of four female-centric international entertainment channels in Asia – DIVA Universal, E!, Style and Universal Channel – has launched a new campaign targeted at advertisers and platform partners to reinforce the message that it is the vehicle for them to connect with women.

Positioning itself as the only network with a diverse portfolio that is women-centric, NBCUniversal has launched the NBCUniversal Truth campaign in Asia to offer advertisers and marketers the unique proposition of reaching the pay-TV female audience on a singular platform

Aligning themselves with the attitudes of women and appealing to their sensibilities through NBCUniversal’s channels and shows, advertisers have the advantage of a targeted approach to engage the female TV audience. Pay-TV operators will also benefit. The female audience is an important demographic for pay-TV operators as research has shown that women are decision makers in the family, making 64% of all purchase decisions.