Washington – Nat Geo Wild, in partnership with Runaway, a gaming division of Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ), have launched the Howling Mouse app, a game where a cute carnivorous mouse tackles scorpions for his dinner and howls at the moon to mark his territory, on the app store for the iPhone and iPod touch. In the game, the Arizona Grasshopper Mouse is on an adventure across the wilderness to save his babies from the clutches of the deadly Great Horned Owl. He runs and jumps his way across treacherous terrain, encountering ferocious mini killers along the way. The game features 30 levels across three specialized environments inspired by the Sonoran Desert in North America. The simple one-tap gameplay means anyone can pick up the game and be hopping through the desert in no time. Howling Mouse also includes dozens of real life facts about the creatures and environment that inspired the game, with each character also having an accompanying video produced by Nat Geo Wild especially for the app.