Doha, Qatar – NHK and Al Jazeera Children’s Channel (JCC) signed a new co-production agreement to strengthen their collaboration on major offerings over the coming five years. NHK and JCC will extend their joint efforts to develop and produce unique educational programs in the fields of science, discovery, technology, environment, and education. The two broadcasters have already enjoyed success with Discover Science, which was a co-production with NHK affiliate NHK Educational Corporation (NED). Discover Science is a new kind of science entertainment series that demonstrates scientific principles by showing them in action through mega-experiments. Creative visualization paired with NHK’s latest shooting techniques yielded fascinating ways to understand scientific phenomena. Under the new agreement, NHK, JCC, and NED will discuss a sequel series. JCC will start by taking part in the Legends of the Deep, a global production underway between NHK/NHK Enterprises and Discovery Science Channel scheduled to air in 2012. The project’s goals are to film the elusive giant squid in its natural habitat for the first time and to shed light on other exotic beasts inhabiting the unexplored ocean depths. The collaboration will be extended to other projects under progress such as the Cosmic Shore with focus on the boundary zone between Earth’s upper atmosphere and space – an area that has long been elusive and difficult to capture on camera. Installing the next-generation ultra-high-sensitivity image-intensifier HD camera on the International Space Station, the project will give a completely new perspective on Earth and space.