The Asian Pitch productions “For the Love of Shakespeare” , “A Weaver’s Tale”, “A Farmer’s Struggle”, and “The Icemen: Angadias of India” have all been completed and will be an important and high profile component of (MediaCorp’s) Caldecott Productions International’s slate at the upcoming MIPTV market in Cannes. “We are happy to say that that “For the Love of Shakespeare” will be shown in France and Germany,” says a spokesperson.

“The three programs that came out of our first TAP, held in 2007, namely “Supermen of Malegaon”, “Subak: The Three Causes of Happiness”, and “The Mummy Thief” have all sold well, with Supermen being the leading sell,” she continues.

The winning proposals from the third TAP are now in production and will be available later this year. Supermen director Faiza Ahmad Khan has once again been chosen for TAP success. TAP 2009 Winners (currently in production)

Yang Li-Chou (Taiwan)
Red Box

Wherever the ageing puppet master Chen goes, he always keeps with him the Red Box. Witness his efforts to revive the fading traditional art of Taiwanese glove puppetry, and find out what his Red Box symbolizes.

Shohei Shibata (Japan)
Transmission: Listening to the Mountain’s Message

Work methods that have long been at the heart of a country of forests and mountains are quietly disappearing in the course of modernization. Four Japanese high school students head up to the mountains to capture the moments of life.

Faiza Ahmad Khan (India)
The Great Indian Arranged Marriage

In an era of modernization in India, arranged marriages have become a multi-billion dollar business. Indian filmmaker Ruchika brought up in a multicultural upbringing puts herself in the process of an arranged marriage to take a look at the realities of the system.

Fumio Narashima, who came up with the idea for TAP is content with the projects, and says, “Now in its fourth year, we have received over 500 proposals from around Asia, and 10 programs have been made under this initiative giving us an illustrative look on Asia. The past years have proven that there are fascinating untold stories and skilful new talent out there in Asia waiting to be discovered. We are very happy to offer local filmmakers a chance to tell their stories to the world.”