Singapore – Multi Channels Asia (MCA), distributor of TV networks in Asia and the Pacific, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Outdoor Channel to distribute and market the network for the outdoor genre in the US to platforms in Asia and the Pacific. Under the partnership, MCA has exclusive access to distribute Outdoor Channel’s programming and market its established brand in MCA’s markets. MCA intends to launch Outdoor Channel in high definition (HD) during the second quarter of this year. Gregg Creevey, managing director (Asia) and William Kelly, managing director (USA) at MCA commented, “We successfully previewed the network last year, and saw significant interest from a number of platforms in adding Outdoor Channel to their systems. The Asia and Pacific regions are well-known for outdoor activities and we are excited to be able to introduce viewers to a new and proven form of unduplicated outdoor and adventure entertainment. To have Outdoor Channel’s robust and focused programming in HD is an added bonus for viewers.”