Petaling Jaya – TV3 remained the number one choice by obtaining 32% audience share during Hari Raya week (from 20 to 26 September 2009) among all viewers. Reflecting this domination, the top 35 programmes among all channels were all on TV3 and out of the top 100 programmes for the week, only six were from competing channels. Among the Malay adult viewers, TV3 leads with 42% audience share out of the total combined MPB share of 56%. The blockbuster hit movie Sifu dan Tongga topped the charts with peak viewing of 3.3 million viewers and 50% viewing share; similarly Pengistiharan Raya at 3 million viewers and 57% viewing share. Some of the other top programmes include Mentor Raya 3, blockbuster films Jangan Tegur, Cicakman 2, Duyung also made the list of most watched programmes. Meanwhile, other Media Prima channels provided optional viewing to audience who sought alternatives. TV9 provided options to viewers by featuring comedies like Ceplos Raya, Geletek Raya, and Cerita Hantu Malam Raya, and the strategy worked with around half a million viewers watching each of the programmes. 8TV and ntv7 offered alternatives to Chinese viewers with more than Chinese audience viewing share exceeding 40% for the two channels.