TV5MONDE Pacific is now the ninth channel of the French-speaking network, and the third to cover Asia. Alongside TV5MONDE Middle East and TV5MONDE Asia, TV5MONDE Pacific will target territories in the GMT+8 to GMT+12 time zones, mainly North Asia and Australasia. Splitting and time-shifting the current Asia signal will enable to better cater to local lifestyles, media consumption habits and cultural sensitivities, as well as offer more flexibility in acquiring broadcasting rights, since content no longer has to be cleared for the entire region. Content differentiation will follow progressively and DVB subtitling will be introduced, starting with English (from September 2009) and Japanese (from Q4 ‘09). The new signal will be strictly designed and encrypted for operators. It will be carried via optical fibre from Paris to Atlanta and uplinked to IntelSat 8. Unlike the Asia channel, it will use the MPEG4 standard to pave the way for new means of distribution such as mobile and high definition.