Taipei – Taiwan Broadband Communications (TBC) has taken the lead in digital TV services as the first operator in Taiwan to launch the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). In March this year, TBC launched a brand new digital TV platform boasting HDTV and a complete suite of digital features including the electronic program guide (EPG), video mosaic, in-built video games etc. In June, it strengthened the content offerings on this platform with the Taiwan premiere of AETN All Asia Networks’ 4 channels, History HD, History Channel, Crime and Investigation Network and The Biography Channel. TBC’s DVR service has two main features – control live TV and smart recording functions. With the DVR, customers can, at a touch of a button, pause and rewind live TV as it is being broadcast. In addition, TBC’s DVR also offers a wide range of smart recording features. These include one-touch instant recording, time-based recording as well as reservation recording via the EPG. TBC’s DVR service will premiere at a promotional rate of NT$60 per month (regular price of NT$80 per month). To enjoy the DVR, customers must first be a subscriber to TBC’s Digital Basic Pack at NT200 per month.